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Thousands of architects and engineers have already discovered the transformative power of IDEA StatiCa. Don’t let outdated workflows and unreliable design tools hold back your engineering practice. Join the growing community who trust IDEA StatiCa to deliver safe, efficient, and cost-effective steel connections and concrete designs. Let IDEA StatiCa become the cornerstone of your success, ensuring structural integrity and exceeding expectations on every project.

Simplify your connection design process

Say goodbye to complex calculations and costly guesswork with our game-changing steel connection design software. Whether it’s bolted, welded, shear, axial, steel beam, column base plate, or moment connections, we have you covered, along with the intricate details that truly bring your project to life.

Manage the complexity of concrete design

Precision in concrete design is paramount for the success of your projects. Move beyond tools with restricted geometry options and limited ultimate limit state (ULS) and serviceability limit state (SLS) checks.

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Unleash the power of IDEA StatiCa with GSI Group, your authorized reseller. We’re more than just software – we’re your expert partners, providing:
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  • Beyond software, a valued partnership: Thrive with ongoing training, a vibrant community, and continuous support.
  • Invest in your success: Reduce costs, improve accuracy, and innovate with IDEA StatiCa’s advanced features.
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