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Efficiently export and synchronize connections, members, and details between your CAD or FEA software

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Even if you’re not designing hundreds of connections, IDEA StatiCa offers a range of accessible options for exploring and detailing them. Start with the free cloud-based Viewer, or export directly from your CAD with dedicated plugins.

Revolutionize your design process with IDEA StatiCa Checkbot, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates with your CAD and FEA software. This innovative tool automates the export and synchronization of design data, eliminating the need for error-prone and manual tasks. By seamlessly extending your current workflows, IDEA StatiCa Checkbot enhances efficiency and accuracy, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your engineering projects. Experience a new level of streamlined collaboration and productivity in your structural design endeavors.

With IDEA StatiCa Checkbot, you gain advanced capabilities to visualize imported loads and members in 3D, efficiently manage load combinations, and track connection and member properties and statuses, whether checked or not. Take command of the import process directly from your FEA or CAD software, and seamlessly synchronize data between models. Experience enhanced control and clarity throughout your structural analysis and design workflow with IDEA StatiCa Checkbot’s comprehensive features.

Collaborating with colleagues who don’t have an IDEA StatiCa license is now effortless. Simply share the IDEA StatiCa connection file with them, and they can easily open it using our free cloud application, IDEA StatiCa Viewer. This intuitive tool allows them to render and visualize the project with precision, accessing accurate dimensions and materials. Enhance teamwork and communication by enabling seamless sharing of connection designs across your project team.

Streamline collaboration with colleagues and suppliers who lack an IDEA StatiCa license. Our free CAD plugins enable them to export connections directly from Tekla Structures, Advance Steel, and Revit, even without a license. By simply creating an account, they can seamlessly integrate with their CAD software and export connections hassle-free. Facilitate efficient data exchange and empower your team to collaborate effortlessly on structural projects.


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