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Jakarta, Indonesia | Mott MacDonald UK

Mott MacDonald, a leading global consultancy specializing in engineering, management, and development, relied heavily on IDEA StatiCa for the thorough analysis and design of intricate, earthquake-resistant connections for a notable and demanding undertaking: the Jakarta International Velodrome. This venue was crucial for hosting events during the 18th Asian Games in 2018.


About the Jakarta International Velodrome

Constructed for the 18th Asian Games in August 2018, the Jakarta International Velodrome is a permanent, fully enclosed venue featuring a Union Cyclist International (UCI) standard timber track designed by track specialist Ralph Schuerman. The delivery of the Velodrome was constrained by program and cost considerations, with a compressed two-year design and program timeline and a budget of $40 million—half that of a typical UCI standard Velodrome.

ES Global, a global leader in temporary venue construction, undertook the challenge, with design expertise provided by Cox Architects and Mott MacDonald. An innovative aspect of the project involved repurposing existing stock components for the roof structure, previously successful in projects such as the London 2012 Olympic Shooting and Water Polo venues.

Design Workflow and BIM Collaboration

Efficient design processes using digital technology and Building Information Modeling (BIM) collaboration played a pivotal role in the project’s success. With the design team spread across five countries and three continents, Mott MacDonald established a common data environment using ProjectWise software. This facilitated seamless access and sharing of digital design information among the architect, contractor, and other team members, reducing the risk of coordination issues and potential delays.

Autodesk products were employed for architectural and structural design, with REVIT serving as the central platform and data management tool. The integration of IDEA StatiCa into this collaborative workflow, supported by BIM links with Autodesk products like Robot and REVIT, ensured a smooth flow of information, saving considerable time and effort.

Innovative Design with IDEA StatiCa

Innovation played a crucial role in overcoming challenges, given the unique requirements of modular design in long-span, complex geometry sports venues. Mott MacDonald provided innovative services, including steelwork connection designs, temporary works design, and erection analysis—beyond the typical building design scope.

The use of IDEA StatiCa as an innovative finite element software for analyzing and designing earthquake-resistant connections proved instrumental in minimizing modifications to existing steelwork components compared to traditional design techniques. This not only resulted in significant time and cost savings but also facilitated the reuse of pre-engineered elements from the London Olympic venues.

About Mott MacDonald UK

Mott MacDonald, a renowned global engineering, management, and development consultancy operating in 150 countries and involved in various facets of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry, secured the 13th position among the Top 225 International Design Firms worldwide in 2017. Our collaboration with Mott MacDonald began in January 2017, and they stand as one of our major clients, particularly prominent in the United Kingdom.